Super Tutors, Satisfied Clients

We go to great lengths to make sure that our clients are completely satisfied with our Atlanta tutoring services. Over the years our efforts have paid off, and we have received wonderful feedback and excellent online reviews from parents and students.

Parent of a 3rd and a 5th GraderOconee County Elementary School

I wanted to let you know that this is the first time we have had a tutor for our two children. What a positive experience! Katie has a very positive outlook and built a good rapport with the kids. They looked forward to her coming every week. I would like to continue with Katie in the future.

College Junior and Her HusbandUniversity of Georgia

We really enjoyed meeting your French tutor. We felt very comfortable with him and he did an excellent job. I think we’ll learn a lot with him. We definitely want to continue receiving your services.

Athens Tutors has made it possible for us to reach our goal of becoming fluent in French. As beginners, the thought of learning a new language was quite daunting. However, our tutor was very skilled in helping us build a foundation for which the rest of our lessons could be built on. We are very satisfied with the results so far, and we look forward to continuing towards our goal of learning French with Athens Tutors.

Parent of a 9th GraderNorth Oconee High School

My daughter really benefited from your session together. She commented to me that she understands your way of explaining the material and felt much better after the first meeting. Thanks so much for your help!

Parent of a SeniorClarke Central High School

I just want to let you know how pleased we are about our SAT tutor. She is very punctual and efficient. My son has improved greatly. I will always recommend Athens Tutors to anyone.

College FreshmanUniversity of Georgia

Athens Tutors really works to give you a great experience and make the most of your tutoring time. Chemistry is a difficult subject in college and my tutor helped me to understand it.

College GraduateUniversity of Georgia

I’ve been a straight C Math student all my life and was monumentally afraid of tackling the Quantitative section of the GRE. I was aided immeasurably in this regard through my work with Kristen. Her tireless enthusiasm and unwavering patience with my molasses-like learning curve helped me to prepare far more than I had originally hoped for. I went from scoring a 240 on the practice exam to a 620 on the real thing. Take that, Pythagoras!

Parent of an 8th GraderOconee County Middle School

My eighth grade son was having a lot of difficulty understanding Math. I decided that there was no way I could help him, so we contacted Athens Tutors. I informed them of the my son’s age, some of his problems, fears, etc. regarding math and testing. After some thought they had a young lady, Kristen, contact me about tutoring him.

I arranged for her to come and tutor my son on his Final Exam in 8th grade Math. They hit it off immediately and Kristen tutored my son for a total of 3 hours, one hour per day, for this exam. Each day, my son would tell me, “Mom, I have never learned so much before from anyone, this is the first time I feel confident about taking a Math test”. The happy ending is that he made a 92 on his final exam!!!!! YEAH!!!! Thanks to Kristen and Athens Tutors!!!!!

Parent of a 12th GraderWestminster Christian Academy

What an amazing difference Josh made for my son!! He went from failing AP Calculus to straight A’s on all his homework and tests the last several months. Josh helped him turn it around almost immediately. I only wish we had known about Athens Tutors sooner.

Parent of a 12th GraderSalem High School

Thanks and this is working out great! My daughter says that she is learning some things that she should have learned a long time ago and really likes working with her SAT tutor.

JuneParent of High School Senior

I just don’t think I could’ve chosen a better tutor if I’d done it personally. Amanda showed up on time and was so genuine that my son wasn’t intimidated; indeed, he was motivated to please her. She is a natural educator (as opposed to ‘teacher’)…. In all, I would not hesitate to recommend your services. Please use me as a reference if you choose to.

StephanieHigh School Junior

I learned how to be smart when taking the SAT, how to identify the hard questions and to know what to look for when answering each kind of question. I loved my tutor! He was funny and not boring like my previous tutor. I believe studying should be fun.

KrisHigh School Senior

I learned so much. My grammar improved greatly, and it shows on my SAT score and in my school work. My grammar assignments at school are now easier to me. My tutor was funny and very smart.

SheilaParent of a High School Senior

My daughter just checked her updated SAT scores online. Her overall score improved by 160 points. I’d say you were very successful in your efforts to teach her. Thank you sooo much for your time and talents. I think these improvements will mean that she can attend any of those schools that she’s been considering.

JamesParent of a High School Senior

We were very pleased with Victor’s work. Sam improved his SAT score about 180 points. Victor definitely kept his end of the bargain. He was prompt, struck the right balance of friendliness and business. Obviously he is highly competent.

StacyHigh School Senior

Working with my tutor was a great learning experience. He taught me that the SAT is not just a test of knowledge, but also one of preparation. He also taught me test taking strategies. Without these strategies I do not believe I could have done as well on my test. Working with him was well worth my time.

DeborahParent of a High School Senior

I am a mathematics instructional coach with DeKalb County Schools and I have 18 years experience in the school system teaching Middle School and High School mathematics. The reason I went hired a tutor is because I wanted my daughter to have the experience of working with someone else and of course time. I am working on my doctorate and I don’t have time for anything else. Desirea has enjoyed all of her tutors and they have really helped her to be successful in her AP classes. She was very excited with the match that you gave her with Jenn. She and Desirae get along well and Desirae says that she enjoys her style of tutoring.

HilaryCollege Sophomore, Chemistry Major

My tutor has taken me from horribly organized and poorly planned papers that received B’s and C’s in my Emory writing classes to A’s in almost all of my writing assignments. Now I am the student who receives ‘Excellent work!’ ‘Well thought out,’ and ‘Can’t wait to read more!’ comments from my professors. My tutor helped me become a better, more confident writer by working with me one on one until I understood why and how I should change my writings. Thank you!

EricParent of a High School Junior

Thank you, Tom did an amazing job with Rachael. He was incredibly prepared and always very professional. We have always been so pleased with your tutors! Thanks again for providing an invaluable service to Georgia parents and their children!!

BrooksFirst Year Graduate Student

I just completed my first semester of graduate school. I received my bachelors degree just over ten years ago, so you can imagine that when it came time to write, I was feeling a bit rusty. I’m really pleased with the grades I received on my papers and the final grade in the course. I don’t believe the outcome would have been the same if wasn’t for the excellent, high caliber instruction that I received from my tutor. Thanks and I’ll be needing you next semester!

DianeParent of a High School Junior

Amanda was terrific – we would like to keep her “on call” for over the summer. She was always on time and very knowledgeable in the subject areas. Jessica now has a better understanding of how to approach the SAT. We would highly recommend Amanda.

NatanyaCollege Sophomore, History Major

I received help with an American History class at Emory University. My tutor had a clear and effective way of mapping out and explaining concepts. Aside from academics, I found him very approachable and friendly. Overall, a very effective and concerned educator.